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Introducing my new business, combining all my talents in serving people!


My Grocery Service

Personalized Grocery Shopping & Delivery for you



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Dan the groceryman will shop & deliver your groceries

in a timely manner with competence and skill to your door with a smile!


 Contact Dan Höering at: 503.332.0026

Grocery Shopping & Delivery fees begin at: $21.00

please call Dan the groceryman for the complete fee menu


Details of My Grocery Services

Personalized Grocery Shopping saves you time, effort & stress and gets

you the groceries you want and need now! Skip the big crowds, waiting in long checkout

lines and carrying the heavy grocery bags out of the store, into the car and then lugging

 them into your home! Dan will gladly put the groceries away in your cupboards too!

Relax, your groceries are on their way delivered by Dan the groceryman!


MGS Services


 Dan Höering | My Grocery Service, Owner

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